2023 Fiddle Tune List


Jigs/Reels/Hornpipes/Breakdowns/Two-Steps/Polkas: 105-110bpm

Waltzes: 140-150bpm

Marches/Strathspeys/Clogs/Foxtrots/Rags: 70bpm

Each tune 3X through unless otherwise indicated

If you need help learning some of these tunes, please consider taking lessons from our Fiddles on the Rideau Board members: Chad Wolfe Studios, or Sherryl Fitzpatrick’s School of Music!

(50 min) 
Swallowtail Jig (Em)/ Pelican Reel (Em&G)
Mouth of the Tobique (G)/Whiskey Before Breakfast (D)/Reel de Sherbrooke (G&D)
Fiddle Bill (skip ending) (G)/ Silver & Gold Two-Step (D)
Chase Me Charlie (A)/ Tuggerman’s Jig (D&A)
Mairi’s Wedding (G)/ Scotland the Brave (D)
Westphalia Waltz (G)
Off She Goes (D)/ Uncle Jimmy’s Jig (A)
Spootiskerry (G)/Sheehan’s Reel(G)
Lime Hill (A)/ Miss McLeod’s (A)   Squirrel in the Tree (G)/Irishman’s Heart to the Ladies (A)/Stan Chapman’s (A)
Loggieville Two-Step(D)/ Joys of Quebec (A)
Irish Washerwoman (G)/ Irishman’s Heart to the Ladies (A)
(1 hour) 
St.Anne’s Reel(D)/ Big John McNeil(A)
Rock Valley Jig (C)/ Little Burnt Potato (D)
Road to the Isles (G)/ Flowers of Edinburgh(D)
Red Wing (G)/ Liberty Two-Step (D)
Log Driver’s Waltz (G) 2X/ River John Sunset Waltz (D) 2X
Headland’s March (A)/ Mason’s Apron (A)
Jimmy’s Favourite (G)/ Smash the Window (D)
Crooked Stovepipe (G)/ Chinese Breakdown (D)
Debbie’s Waltz (D) 2X/ Rosebud of Allenvale (A) 2X
Soldier’s Joy (D)/ Devil’s Dream (A)   Brenda Stubber’s (Am)/High Road to Linton (A)   Faded Love (D)/Buck Fever Rag (C)   Traveller’s Jig (G)/Fiddle Fingers (D)   Ashokan Farewell (D)   Red River Jig (A)
Maple Sugar (A,A,A,E) Sequence: ABACABACA