Festival Tune List 2023

We have provided a list of tunes that represent the diversity of music in Canada.
It’s simply a guideline for the flotilla and jam sessions.
Please note: There’s no room for music stands on the pontoon boats,
so we suggest musicians know their tunes.
If you need help doing that why not consider lessons from Fiddles on the Rideau Board members: chadwolfestudio@gmail.com or sherryl@sherrylfitzpatrick.com

Jams: Friday July 14th & Saturday July 15th,
10-11pm, Manotick United Church

Flotilla: Sunday July 16th, 2023
(Mahogany Harbour 1:00-1:45pm & Long Island Locks 2:30-3:30pm)
*in the case of inclement weather, the flotilla will take place as a jam session
at Manotick United Church 1-3:30pm.

Jigs/Reels/Hornpipes/Breakdowns/Two-Steps/Polkas: 105-110bpm
Waltzes: 140-150bpm
Marches/Strathspeys/Clogs/Foxtrots/Rags: 70bpm

Each tune will be played 3X through unless otherwise indicated.

The Tunes:
Swallowtail Jig (Em)/ Trans Canada Jig (G/Em)
Fishers Hornpipe (D)/ Woodchoppers (D)/ Devil’s Dream (A)
Maple Leaf Two-Step (C)/ Fiddle Bill (G)
Old Man & Old Woman (G)/ Reel de Sherbrooke (G&D) (3.5X)
Tuggerman’s Jig (D&A)/ Rippling Water Jig (E) (3.5X)
Mairi’s Wedding (G)/ Scotland the Brave (D)
Log Driver’s Waltz (no tag) (G) 2X/ River John Sunset Waltz (D) 2X
Red Wing (G)/ Liberty Two-Step (D)
Brenda Stubbert’s (Am)/ High Road to Linton (A)
Gigue des Sucres (G)/ Gigue des Capuchons (D)
Headland’s March (A)/ Mason’s Apron (A)
Squirrel in the Tree (G)/ Tripping up the Stairs (D)/ Irishman’s Heart to the Ladies (A)
Loggieville Two-Step(D)/ Joys of Quebec (A)
St. Anne’s Reel(D)/ Big John McNeil (A)/ Growling Old Man & Growling Old Woman (A)
Old Red Barn (G)/ Little Burnt Potato (D)
Road to the Isles (G)/ Flowers of Edinburgh(D)
Silver & Gold Two-Step (D)/ Happy Acres Two Step (D/A) 3.5X
Black Velvet Waltz (C) 2X/ Westphalia Waltz (G) 1X
Lime Hill (A)/ Miss McLeod’s (A)
Jimmy’s Favourite (G)/ Smash the Window (D)
Crooked Stovepipe (G)/ Chinese Breakdown (D)
Ontario Swing (D)/ Bowin’ the Strings (A)
Debbie’s Waltz (D) 2X/ Rosebud of Allenvale (A) 2X
Mouth of the Tobique (G)/ Whiskey Before Breakfast (D)
Irish Washerwoman (G)/ Haste to the Wedding(D)
Faded Love (D)/ Walking Uptown (D)
Buck Fever Rag (C)
Red River Jig (A/D)
Spootiskerry (G),Teetotalers (G/Em)/ Sheehan’s Reel(G)
Maple Sugar (A,A,A,E) Sequence: ABACABACA