We simply could not put on this event without the generous assistance of volunteers. The following are areas where we need your help! As a volunteer, you will receive a free Festival T-shirt. Please sign-up below, and many thanks in advance!

Drivers to pick up artists at the airport and drive them to the venue on Friday afternoon

Drivers to drive artists back to the airport on Sunday

At the door – Friday Night

At the door – Saturday Afternoon

At the door – Saturday Night

At the door – Sunday afternoon (Jam/dance)

Artist Merchandise Table #1 – Friday Night

Festival Merchandise Table #2 – Friday Night

Artist Merchandise Table #1 – Saturday Evening

Festival Merchandise Table #2 – Saturday Evening

Pontoon Owners/Hosts (Sunday 1:00-3:30pm) (please provide your physical address too)

Pontoon Drivers (Sunday 1:00-3:30pm)